Raskog Carts - How Did I Ever Live Without Them?

I ran across Raskog carts (an IKEA product) while looking at planner blogs and immediately fell in love. Living in a small mountain cabin, I am storage challenged from stem to stern and a "Planner/Journal Trolley" would allow me to plop in any room or porch with all my goods at my fingertips.

But these are not Raskog Carts, but rather the similar Target version. These have high handles on each side for easier relocation. Like the Raskogs, they are made of sturdy metal and can be decoupaged or painted to any preference.

Additionally, I set up sewing projects in various rooms depending upon the length of the engagement and what Cog is doing at the time. My second sewing trolley can allow me to transport a mini sewing room with no fuss to the office, the kitchen and even the porch on pretty days.

Best of all, my multiple planner and journals, where I organize and brainstorm all our homesteading projects, my Etsy store, and our herbal and natural health plans can all be located on my "Planner Trolley" in the small office we share without taking up much space at all.