Riches to Rags - a Tim Holtz Rag Quilt

This Autumn Rag Quilt has been stuck in my brain for over a month. It was time to get it out of my system!

I've quilted for years, but this was my first attempt at a rag quilt. Up here on the mountain, it was a five day project for me. Day #1 was a road trip to Joann Fabrics for flannel materials for the back and batting.

Day #2 I cut the square pieces for the top, middle and back of each piece. 88 squares measuring 8 x 8 inches.

Day #3 I sewed each block, then sewed them into rows. Finally I assembled the whole thing.

On Day #4, I spent five hours snipping the fringe around each block. Bless the woman who invented those spring loaded scissors. :-)

On Day #5, I washed and dried the rag quilt to fray the fringe. I camped at the dryer so I could clear the lint filter every 5 minutes. There was so much mess, I was afraid it might start a fire. The fuzzies and strings were everywhere! But, it was well worth the clean-up.

And then, when I hung it outside to finish air drying and to de-fuzz a bit more, the most wonderful breeze blew in and the quilt danced for me. :-)