Grandfather's Lessons - a Homestead Journal

In 2013, my husband and I decided to hang up our hats in the rat race as a stock broker and accountant and move to a small log cabin and homestead atop a remote mountain for a simpler life. While we still enjoy modern conveniences such as internet and central air conditioning, we heat with a wood stove and have now learned to organically grow most of our own food and medicines in our gardens, orchards and sunny windows. It continues to be a marvelous adventure, complete with twists and turns.

Modern homesteading is simply the journey to become more self sufficient. It can be practice in a city apartment or dwelling, a suburban home or in the country. This Modern Homestead Journal contains a framework of prompts, ideas and illustrations to record notes, discoveries and lessons learned on that journey towards relying more upon ourselves. Originally designed as gifts for our adult daughters, I am now creating another to share with you.

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