Van Gogh - a keepsake junk journal

The Van Gogh is finally finished. What an amazing artist he was... far beyond our shared preoccupation with sunflowers, Vincent Van Gogh offered startling insights for someone who also admitted he was insane.

Vincent hated having his picture taken, but I managed to find a photo of him for the inside cover. Such a beautiful and tormented genius, Vincent Van Gogh's thoughts are shared in more than 80 quotes on these tea dyed pages, painting us a picture of his personal journey while he created his great works.

Not widely recognized until after his early death, Vincent Van Gogh produced more than 2,000 works of art in less than ten years. I have chosen 18 of my favorites and created a digital image collection (link below) which have been incorporated into this keepsake journal. Listing Info for this Van Gogh journal: The Van Gogh digital ephemera download can be found here: